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English 8


Course Information

Course: English 8
Teacher: Jennifer Lamborn
School: Guernsey-Sunrise
Location: Room 110

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course--if you work hard--you will be able to:
            • write with clarity and focus for a variety of purposes.
            • access, analyze, evaluate and create different forms of media.  
            • identify themes in literary works and main ideas in informational texts.
            • analyze expressive pieces of literature by applying your knowledge of the elements of literature and literary techniques.
            • discuss texts and related issues with your classmates by speaking thoughtfully, listening actively and asking probing questions.
            • evaluate reasoning in a variety of texts.
Course Activities:

WRITING: You will write for variety of purposes and under different conditions.  Throughout the year, you will write expressive, expository and functional pieces, most often taking the time to revise and edit before publishing. However, there will be times—as there are in life outside of school—when you will be asked to write an “on demand” piece to demonstrate the development of your thinking and organization skills. 

READING The reading focus of English 8 is on historical fiction.  We will read and study a variety of culturally diverse texts:  fiction literature, nonfiction literature, expository writing, poetry and drama.  The texts will be determined in part by the interests and abilities of the students in class.

 An important component of an English Language Arts class is productive classroom discussion.  As a group, we will develop the necessary skills of speaking clearly and listening actively throughout the year.  Students will present information to their classmates and their peers will learn how to ask interesting questions and follow a line of thought.

Only the educated are free.  -Epictetus